FIL to date has achieved important international process and product certifications.

This is the result of a strong and constant commitment of the FIL Company Team in the fields of products, environmental sustainability and the study of improvement on safety at work.

FIL, in recent years, has dedicated itself to the constant search for cost containment, in order to maximize the efficiency of its processes and, together with energy saving and minimizing the impact on the environment, wants to position itself on the market as a sustainable business model.

The FIL plant, with the commissioning of the new rolling plant, with the search for solutions to reduce dust emissions, with the installation of the industrial water recycling circuit and the innovation of equipment for slab cutting activities that have strongly reduced noise emissions, shows itself to the community that surrounds it as a “Green” plant.

Finally, the incessant commitment to the study and application of procedures to work in compliance with safety laws and regulations, the constant information and training of workers subject to comprehension tests and the continuous support to staff in order to raise awareness, opens a path towards the certification of the Safety System, which, by integration with the Quality System and the Environment System, will ensure FIL obtains a Quality product, respecting the Environment and ensuring the safety of its workers.